Regarding the collection, use and management of personal information on the website of the World Heritage Sacred Island of Okinoshima and Associated Sites in the Munakata Region (hereafter referred to as "the website"), we will properly handle information as follows and do our best to ensure you can use the website with ease.

1. Basic Principles

 The website administrator collects information from visitors to this website to the extent needed for the smooth operation of the services provided on the website (information provision, updates, distribution services, acceptance of comments, etc.). Collected information will be handled property within the purposes of use.

2. Extent of Information to be Collected

 On this website, information such as URLs, IP addresses, and browsing history of the website pages visitors browse and how they behave on the website (hereafter referred to as "browsing history") is collected automatically. Please note that cookies (information accumulated in a user's browser and sent from the user's browser to a server) are used only for the purpose of identifying a user's browsing history and browsing status, including page views, and also to help improve browser display functions.

3. Purposes of Use

(1) Information collected based on the above item 2 will be used as a reference so that administrators can smoothly operate the services this website provides.

(2) Requests and inquiries may be forwarded to a related party, depending on the need. The collected information will also be used as a reference for future policies.

4. Limits of Use and Provision

 The website administrator will never use the collected information for purposes other than those described above in item 3 or provide such information to a third party except in cases where disclosure is required by law, unlawful behavior such as illegal access or threats, or for other special reasons. However, analytically processed page-view information and information such as user attributes may be disclosed.

5. Security Measures

 The website administrator takes all necessary measures to properly manage the information collected and prevent it from leaks, loss or damage. Although we may outsource the administration of the website, we will ensure that the measures needed for the proper management of the collected information are taken by the outsourced service provider.

6. Disclosure of Personal Information Collected

 If the information collected from inquiries via requests or emails falls under the category of retained personal information, you can request disclosure of such.

7. Scope of Application

 This policy applies only to this website and not to other sites that this website links to. As for the privacy policy of social media services used by this website, please check each social media provider's website.


 Some pages of the Website use a technology known as "Cookies." "Cookies" are a standard technology used by a web server to identify users' computers. It comprises a small-volume text file. The technology is generally used to record the personal information (such as users' IDs and passwords) that website users provide site administrators by operating their computers, along with users' operation histories.
  In addition, the technology is used to analyze users' preferences when using a particular site so as to use the analyzed data for statistical purposes. The technology can identify users' computers, but cannot identify individuals using the computers unless users offer details of their personal information by inputting it.

 The Website is accessible by anonymous users, regardless of the presence of Cookie functionality. If you would like to opt out of use of your information, you can change the preferences of your browser so that it does not accept Cookies. This, however, may lead to the suspension of part or all of the services provided by the Website.

9. Access Analysis Tool

 This website uses Google Analytics as an access analysis tool, and Juicer, another access analysis tool provided by LOGLY, Inc., to understand the status of use of this website and to improve website quality. These analytical tools use cookies to collect traffic data. This data is anonymous, not personal. In addition, information collected by cookies is used for service improvements such as better-targeted ads and improved user experiences.

 How the collected data is handled and how privacy is protected are based on the policies of Google and LOGLY. For the policies of Google Analytics, please see "Use of Information Sent by Browsers at Google | Google Policy and Terms (external link)." For the policies of Juicer, see "Privacy Policy | User Analysis DMP Juicer (external link)."

10. Regarding Social Media Buttons

 When a user visits a page on this website with social media buttons, information about the user may be sent to a related social media provider. As for privacy policies and other information regarding the social media services used on this website, please check with each service provider's website.

11. Other

 This policy may be subject to revision. When revising, we will post a notification on this website.


The information on this website is protected by the Copyright Act. Using part or all of any documents, images, or other data on this website is prohibited unless permission is obtained from the copyright holder.


Links to this site can be set up from any site as long as the following guidelines are observed.

  • Please note that the content and URL of this website may be changed or the service may be stopped without prior notice.
  • The World Heritage Promotion Committee of Okinoshima Island and Related Sites in Munakata Region (hereinafter, "the Committee") shall not bear any responsibility for any problems that may arise from any links made to this site.
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The information on this website is protected by the Copyright Act. Using part or all of any documents, images, or other data on this website is prohibited unless permission is obtained from the copyright holder.

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