Map of the entire property area

  • Access to Okinoshima Island is prohibited to the general public. To worship the sacred island, please visit Okitsu-miya Yohaisho.
  • Entry into ritual sites and tombs is prohibited.
  • Private houses stand along the tour route. Please do not enter private lots or throw trash along the route.
  • Please be careful since the tour route includes roads with heavy traffic, narrow pathways, mountain paths, and other potentially dangerous areas. Also, please note that buildings and roads marked on maps on this website may differ slightly from actual conditions.
Our purpose of the inscription of the "Sacred Island of Okinoshima and Associated Sites in the Munakata Region" on the World Heritage List is to pass these sites on to future generations as precious assets belonging to all of humanity. Public understanding of the value of these sites will deepen as many more people gain the opportunity to visit them. The Preservation and Utilization Council for these sites is trying to present and promote the property appropriately for visitors and local people,.

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